Marketing Automation

Customize, automate + enable

Integrated + Synchronized

Following custom rules based on any set of data points, Sparkroom users benefit from process-based automation + lead routing. Sparkroom also acts as a hub for the centralized triggering of marketing automation + nurturing campaigns, prompting time- and milestone-activated messaging events.

Rule-Based Routing

Tailor-made routing to optimize the conversion funnel, maximize resources + boost ROI

  • Completely customizable, based on user needs
  • Assign leads to sales reps based on any data point, including zip code, time of day, product or program
  • Route leads based on propensity to convert to send hottest leads to best agents

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Workflow Management

Connect to messaging systems with plug + play ease

  • Supplement marketing frequency with email + texting events
  • Time- and milestone-based triggers
  • Detailed data storage allows for granular segmentation + personalization
  • Store + connect conversion data for analysis + optimization

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Scheduling + Sharing

Effortlessly create, save + share custom views to reflect your campaigns + KPIs

  • View management tool makes it easy to highlight performance
  • Share custom views with team members
  • Schedule automation of reports sent via email

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Monitoring + Notifications

Ensure inquiries are delivered in real time to Sparkroom + downstream systems

  • Immediate alerts when data capture or delivery is interrupted
  • Standard + custom lead alerts
  • Get notified of network problems, out-of-service errors and timeouts

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Call Tracking

Track the performance of inbound call campaigns

  • Sparkroom integrates with call tracking systems, including Invoca
  • Connect pre-lead call data with post-conversion data
  • Feedback loop to track performance of inbound call campaigns

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Sparkroom enables marketers to quickly take on new initiatives, easily test + seamlessly optimize to discover what works best + amplify that success.

Highly Customizable. Decidedly Impactful.

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