Marketing Analytics

Easy intelligence at your fingertips

Data is Power.

Sparkroom performance marketing technology gathers, translates + reformats data produced from multiple sources to provide holistic views of your campaigns. We connect the dots from pre-lead + post-conversion data to let you easily draw insights + optimize your campaign’s performance.

Executive Lead Dashboard

Sparkroom technology illustrates your most important KPIs to drive transparency + insights

  • Analyze lead flow, distribution + costs
  • Drill down with performance graphs
  • Visualize metrics by lead provider, targeted campaign, marketing channel or a combination

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Cross-Channel Attribution

We’ve connected pre-lead to post-conversion data so you can see the full customer journey within our cross-channel, multi-touch attribution dashboard

  • Visualize the most common customer journeys across digital channels
  • Understand which combination of marketing channels leads prospects to inquire + convert
  • Assess the holistic performance of digital marketing campaigns
  • See which channels are the openers, influencers + closers
  • Realize the value of branding + other top-of-the-funnel campaigns
  • Optimize campaigns to maximize ROI based on more than last-click data

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Full-Funnel Data Analytics

Cloud-based data that can be sliced + diced across 200+ dimensions and measures to gain granular insights into daily marketing operations, including lead volume, quality + performance

  • Easy-to-use drag + drop pivot builder allows for dynamic reporting
  • Track current pace + projected variance
  • Automate all your reporting needs by scheduling + sharing custom reports + views
  • Visualize the data to understand vendor + source performance
  • Geographic heat map highlights volume + performance
  • Compare lead providers while monitoring pace
  • Track inquiry cost, conversion rate, volume + cost per conversion
  • See detailed performance related to lead status, lifecycle milestones + trending

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Lead-Level Detailed Reporting

Data is searchable on every parameter to generate a list of leads or view original lead strings

  • Get into the weeds with hundreds of data points
  • View lead history, including source, milestone, disposition and error messages (if any)
  • Enables self-service troubleshooting

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Automated Exports

Easily save, export + automate the distribution of standard + custom reports

  • Export files as XLS, CSV or PDF file
  • Effortlessly download any file stored in system, including FPIs, PPL vendor media plans + more
  • Automate scheduled email distribution of reports

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Sparkroom provides a deep, granular look at performance to help marketers make data-based decisions on how best to optimize their media spend.

Highly Customizable. Decidedly Impactful.

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