Lead Management

Centralized marketing data with real-time validation + routing

Centralized + Real Time

Sparkroom performance marketing technology offers centralized PPL media planning + PPL vendor management, including FPIs, forms, vendor invoicing, call tracking + more. Leads that come through the system face real-time validation, verification, de-duping, data matching, rejection + scoring (if desired) via proprietary solutions and third-party plug-ins.

Lead Hygiene

Real-time data rejection, cleansing + prioritization, customized based on user requirements + Sparkroom best practices

  • Standard validation rules + custom client validation rules
  • Third-party validation + verification
  • De-duping + identity resolution across all sources
  • DNC checks + identity verification (email, phone, address)
  • Predictive intent modeling

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Vendor + Source Management

Focus less on logistics and more on strategic decision making by centralizing + simplifying campaign management operations

  • System allows for segmented buying, submission, routing + tracking
  • Upload CSV-based media plans
  • Store + easily update FPIs with instant changes across all sources
  • Set allocations, CPLs and day/week/month caps by vendor + by source
  • Enforce custom (by source) posting + validation rules
  • Intuitive UI

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Capture + Delivery

Store + route every parameter of every data lead + phone call to see the full customer journey + maximize conversion rate

  • Consolidated lead capture ― works with any system that can automate posting, importing + exporting of lead + marketing data
  • Custom routing based on any data point
  • Direct lead delivery into CRMs, call center databases + messaging systems
  • Automated conversion feedback loop
  • Systematized invoicing based on final count of good leads

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Data Housing

Acting as the central hub between every integration, Sparkroom stores all campaign data, including delivery, routing + result details, to serve as a transactional-level point of reference

  • System of record for lead data
  • See every activity on every lead
  • View granular campaign data + client-specific KPIs
  • Easily troubleshoot delivery with stored lead rejection details

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Lead Generation Tools

Sparkroom empowers changes on the fly with tools that help ensure consistency of brand information + data fields

  • Custom FPI builder
  • Form + landing page API empowers changes on the fly by propagating to all campaign landing pages
  • Define once + push changes everywhere

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Sparkroom enables marketing teams to standardize + scale workflows based on inquiry + predictive data to help achieve operational efficiencies.

Highly Customizable. Decidedly Impactful.

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