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Sparkroom streamlines school marketing & operations to quickly boost recruitment performance.

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Most Valuable Technology (Gold) 2016 Best Marketing Agency (Silver) 2016 IMT Awards Winner 2015 Univeristy Business Top Produccts 2015

Streamline your enrollment marketing efforts.

Higher education institutions trust Sparkroom solutions and technology to fast track their recruitment success.

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Marketing Technology

Boost enrollments while controlling the cost of recruitment with the most adopted software in higher education.

  • Integrate campaign data
  • Automate marketing processes
  • Sophisticated analytics & reporting
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Enrollment Marketing

Student recruitment campaigns designed to achieve maximum results with minimum spend:

  • Integrated marketing
  • Media vendor management
  • Paid search
  • Includes marketing technology
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Enrollment Management

End-to-end enrollment services focused on school-owned growth:

  • Strategy & operations consulting
  • Short-term OPM engagements
  • Includes enrollment marketing & marketing technology
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Sparkroom Q3 2016 Higher Ed Inquiry Generation Review Whitepaper

The Q3 2016 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review covers overall trends in the inquiry and student acquisition activities of higher education institutions for the period...

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