Media Strategy

Maximize effective share of voice with a targeted, relevant, media strategy

Maximize your media expenditures

The brisk pace of technology innovations is continuously, dramatically and rapidly changing the media landscape, and there are no signs of deceleration. As a result, the primary challenge of media planning is designing an approach to maximize effective share of voice across the fragmented proliferation of audience-controlled choices. Whether or not Sparkroom brand strategists facilitated your brand development, we can help you outline a media strategy that efficiently reaches your target audiences and then measure the effectiveness and ROI of your media expenditures.

The following factors are considered as your media strategy is developed:

  • Campaign objectives: What are the measurable objectives and how will your strategic media partner help you achieve them? How do you define success?
  • Audiences: Who are you trying to reach? What do you know about them? What media do they consume?
  • Messages: What is your USP? What is your brand promise? What is your single, most important thing to communicate?
  • Spokespeople: Who will effectively deliver your message? From what perspective?
  • News and calendar: What events or timely information do you want to promote?
  • Campaign evaluation & optimization: Who is responsible for collecting and sharing performance data? What processes are needed to ensure real-time analysis and campaign optimization?

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