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The award-winning Sparkroom Marketing Software integrates marketing data, automates marketing processes and provides marketing analytics that drive smarter decisions and a more optimized budget.

Take Control of Your Marketing Campaigns

Sparkroom Marketing Software is cloud-based and helps marketers boost conversions while controlling the cost of acquisition. Sparkroom Marketing Software has easy-to-use tools to help marketing teams do more with fewer resources.

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Performance-Based Process Automation

Put the best prospects in the hands of your best converters by automating processes, including inquiry distribution and nurturing, based on custom metrics and predictive data. Boost efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on inquiries with the greatest likelihood to convert.

Cross-Platform Data Integration

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Data from disparate, but essential, sources like CRM databases can be imported and integrated within Sparkroom Marketing Software for one view of comprehensive campaign performance.

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Analyze Campaign Performance

Build your own reports using an intuitive pivot builder with drag-and-drop functionality and user-defined formulas. Or, use one of the many pre-built reports developed based on the needs of successful performance marketers. Rich visualizations clearly depict opportunities and challenges for actionable reporting.

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Scrub Inquiries

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Scrub inquiries in real time, based on standard and custom filters and checks, to instantly eliminate and minimize time spent on inquiries from ineligible prospects.

Manage Duplicates

Automatically check for duplicates, using your own parameters, against the data of all of your inquiries housed within Sparkroom Marketing Software—even across different media channels. Route or reject duplicate inquiries based on campaign needs.

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Rate Inquiries

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Use industry and/or custom data measures to rate inquiries for quality and to determine which inquiries are good or bad based on delivered data. Employ outside measurements via pre-built integrations to strengthen rating confidence.

Predict the Future

Predictive analytics utilize historical data comparisons to forecast which inquiries are most likely to succeed. Route these inquiries to the strongest members of your sales team for the best results.

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Evaluate Inquiry Cost

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Establish inquiry targets and analyze results across all of your marketing campaigns. Slice data to view performance by vendor, location, program or product, channel or more.

Track Paid Search Metrics

Use our Google AdWords API integration to tie conversions from your paid search campaigns to inquiry performance metrics to understand the true cost and performance of every campaign.

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Streamline Vendor Allocations

Easily divvy up a media budget based on performance metrics and provide customized campaign transparency back to vendors for optimization and tracking.

Invoice Vendors

Manually or automatically deliver invoices to each of your vendors based on reconciliated delivery volume, accounting for scrubs, tiered pricing and other campaign-based factors and only pay for inquiries that meet your criteria.

Manage FPIs

Build and maintain FPIs directly within Sparkroom Marketing Software, including required content, logos, images and more, for easy dissemination directly to vendors for campaign build out and maintenance.

Unlock Your Data

Share compelling analytics dashboards across your team, organization and management. Get critical views delivered to your inbox on a scheduled basis or easily export data by email and FTP as a flat file, PDF or spreadsheet. Learn more about our performance dashboards.

Never Lose Inquiry Flow

Ensure inquiries are delivered in real time to downstream systems. Get alerts in real time when data capture or delivery is interrupted because of network problems, out-of-service errors or timeouts.

Sparkroom Marketing Software Support

All Sparkroom Marketing Software clients receive a dedicated technical account manager, acting as an extension to your marketing and IT teams, who will get to know your business, identify opportunities, answer questions, solve problems and more. An on-demand technical team will aid with implementations, ongoing maintenance and configurations.