Marketing Services

Sparkroom leverages our years of marketing experience to create customized, cross-channel marketing strategies based on your unique objectives. We work as an extension of your marketing team, off-loading day-to-day marketing management tasks while providing strategic solutions and resources.

Fully Transparent. Analytics Based. Customized for Performance.

IM+T Awards - Targeting 2015
  • Fully transparent: We provide you with all of your campaign details regularly, including vendor names, media cost and performance. In fact, it’s all visible to you in real time within your Sparkroom Marketing Software account.
  • Analytics based: We like information and the power it provides. Your campaign data will be sliced, diced and inspected before, during and after every campaign to ensure we are delivering you the best results possible.
  • Cross-channel mindset: We understand the importance of reaching prospects on any and every device they use, so we apply a cross-channel mindset to everything we do. All our campaigns leverage mobile solutions, including responsive design, CTC technology and geo-fencing.
  • The power of integration: We use Sparkroom Marketing Software to manage our performance marketing campaigns. Sparkroom Marketing Software integrates data across disparate sources, automates based on performance and provides robust multidimensional analytics, which means you’ll always know how your campaign is performing in real time.
  • True partnership: We value a true partnership with continual two-way communication. We are always thinking about you and doing what is in the best interest of your campaign performance.

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Award-Winning Compliance Monitoring

Have confidence in knowing your brand is protected against ever-changing marketing regulations.

Sparkroom provides a fully managed compliance monitoring solution that blends technology with industry expertise to monitor, manage and enforce brand standards online. Sparkroom compliance monitoring includes a team of dedicated analysts and professionals focused exclusively on creating, implementing and managing compliance processes.

  • Processes based on best practices—the most efficient solutions for identifying and resolving brand and compliance issues
  • Turn-key and scalable, with customizable vendor guidelines
  • Regularly scheduled audits and reporting procedures
  • All activity is tracked and recorded within Sparkroom Monitor for automated monitoring—ensures highest levels of compliance and documentation
  • Winner of two LeadsCouncil Best in Compliance LEADER Awards

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Email Marketing

Harnessing the power of email for measurable results.

Email marketing is a pillar of performance marketing―nurturing existing prospects to convert and re-activating stale leads through automated and verified email messages, carefully created to be relevant at the moment received.

  • Multi-platform approach, utilizing responsive design
  • CTC buttons deliver in-bound calls
  • One-to-one, automated trigger messages
  • Multi-part re-engagement campaigns that deliver strong ROI

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Marketing Analytics

In-depth analysis creates opportunity to increase marketing success.

Sparkroom marketing analytics provide a deep look at how campaigns are performing so marketers can better understand and optimize their efforts by making smarter, performance-based decisions. The Sparkroom marketing analytics team has a passion to drive performance and enhance ROI.

  • Third-party demographic and behavioral attributes, purchase behavior, brand preferences and inquiry history employed for campaign optimizations
  • Historical industry trends examined to develop inquiry performance benchmarks
  • Global access to Sparkroom Marketing Software leveraged— almost three quarters of a million inquiries processed each month, more than 50 million since 2010
  • BI tools analyzed for effectiveness
  • Infographic: The Sparkroom approach to tightly defining your audience

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Performance-Based Display Advertising

High-value prospecting through predictive display advertising

Display advertising drives new prospects at the top of the marketing funnel to efficiently boost the overall performance of your marketing efforts across all channels. Look-alike audiences with the greatest propensity to convert are targeted, retargeted and re-engaged to build brand awareness and encourage completion of the conversion process.

  • Analytics-based campaigns utilize historic campaign data measured against Sparkroom global data and third-party data to precisely define the audience that has the greatest propensity to convert
  • Best-in-breed ad targeting, ad serving and tracking tools
  • Data-driven approach targets ideal prospects on a one-to-one basis, enabling closed-loop analysis that shows incremental conversions and lift across channels
  • Audience profiles and segmentation ensure your brand is positioned to the right people with the right message
  • Retargeting campaigns maintain top-of-mind awareness to keep your brand in front of prospects throughout the purchase funnel

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PPI TV, Radio and Print

Traditional media that packs a punch

Sparkroom offers pay-per-inquiry (PPI) TV, radio and print campaigns to drive the generation of high-intent prospects. All performance based, these are proven opportunities utilizing highly targeted remnant media to generate phone and data inquiries.

  • Sophisticated audience targeting
  • Build brand awareness & credibility while generating inquiries
  • Lift other marketing channels, lowering overall acquisition costs

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your organic traffic

SEO can increase conversions without proportionately increasing your marketing cost, making it a crucial part of your marketing mix. Customized SEO dashboards from Sparkroom put all of your SEO reporting, deliverables and tasks in one place to streamline your SEO management while providing full transparency of planned and executed SEO initiatives.

Our customized SEO dashboards include:

  • Traffic trends, conversions and engagement metrics
  • Periodic changes with successes highlighted
  • Roadmap and tasks tab
  • Full campaign history

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Social Media Solutions

We are all connected.

Sparkroom provides the expertise and technology to help brands engage and interact with prospects within online communities, as well as increase their follower base. From simple brand monitoring to managing an entire social media presence, we work with marketing teams to create compelling social media campaigns that shape conversations, build relationships and improve long-term retention rates. Since Sparkroom is focused on performance marketing, our social media campaigns are always centered on ROI.

  • Performance data – including click through rates – utilized to optimize campaign strategies and evaluate efficiency
  • Targeted social media advertising helps to grow your follower base or engage niche groups
  • Nurture non-converting site visitors back to your site for conversion with customized, branded content
  • Re-engage stale leads with social media
  • Extensive experience in social media, virtual communities and electronic publishing
  • Best-in-class software employed for efficient campaign management

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Vendor Inquiry Management

Maximize your performance marketing efforts

Vendor inquiry management from Sparkroom enables your marketing and sales teams to utilize third-party inquiry providers and advertisers to find prospective consumers based on your specific needs, leading to scalable, targeted, performance-based campaigns. Sparkroom provides the power of dedicated, proactive account teams who partner with you to develop strategy and meet your goals through third-party inquiry providers and advertisers. Our passionate analytics team adds power as they seek out data-based opportunities to increase your ROI.

  • Full transparency in everything we do—from pricing to compliance to performance of individual inquiry providers
  • Industry information and insights—based on our data, extensive experience and knowledge of inquiry providers and advertisers
  • Unique and exclusive inquiry opportunities, including trackable inbound phone calls directly to your sales team

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Creative Services

Strengthen your brand while connecting with the right audience.

Creative services from Sparkroom provide the strategic and creative solutions of a full-service marketing agency for your brand. From idea conception to campaign execution, creative services help companies connect to their consumers. Working from defined objectives, creative marketing execution helps to push your brand ahead of the competition. This includes:

  • Creative Services (art direction, graphic design, copywriting, logo creation, product naming, etc.)
  • Interactive/Web Services (animation and videos, email campaigns, mobile design, social media strategy, web design, etc.)
  • Market Research (analysis, customer surveys, focus groups, foundational studies, interviews, etc.)
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations (crisis communication, internal communication strategy, media relations, etc.)

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