Integrated Services

Sparkroom Marketing Software becomes even more powerful when combined with the strength of its partners.

We have pre-built integrations and relationships already in place to provide enhanced validity and compliance checks in addition to end-to-end marketing management. Looking for something not listed below? It’s easy to integrate marketing and compliance services with Sparkroom—just let us know your plans and we’ll work through the details together.

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Validity Checks

Multi-Point Identity Confidence & Lead Scoring

Powered by Neustar, data points such as name, phone number and address can be verified in real time to ensure legitimacy. Inquiries that do not pass this check can be instantly rejected.

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Email Verification

Screening out bad email addresses can reduce email bounces and delivery failures by at least 90%. BriteVerify provides real-time email verification through Sparkroom Marketing Software to determine validity and deliverability to email addresses provided with inquiry data.

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Fraud Checking

The iDatafy LeadReview®  database is leveraged by Sparkroom Marketing Software to identify and screen out leads that are potentially fraudulent or recirculated.

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Lead Certification

Jornaya provides inquiry origin and historic data, allowing marketers to better understand the age, data integrity, velocity and authenticity of their inquiries. Automated processes based on this data can significantly optimize campaigns.

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Compliance Checks

Though we don’t always like to admit it, compliance is arguably the most important factor of any marketing campaign. Sparkroom Marketing Software provides integrations with real-time compliance monitoring tools to help marketers manage their brands and data across various marketing sources and partners.


Inquiries in Sparkroom Marketing Software can be checked against the federal and state DNC registries and company-specific lists using the PossibleNow DNCSolution integration. This service also supports the Canadian National DNC List.

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With 100% confidence, know which inquiries have provided consent and which have not via a Jornaya script that lives at the sources of and witnesses the creation of every inquiry.

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