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Sparkroom succeeds only when our clients succeed, therefore we make it our goal to ensure every one of our performance marketing campaigns is fully maximized. And we’re pretty good at what we do.

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All State Career Schools

Carrington College

College of Westchester




Grand Canyon University



Lincoln Education Services

National American University (NAU)

Northcentral University

Northwestern College

Premier Education Group (PEG)

Saint Leo University

Saint Paul’s School of Nursing

Sullivan University


Virginia College

Zenith Education Group

Client Testimonials

Proven Campaign Results

  • $580 CPS Achieved—five-part email remarketing campaign reinvigorated previously stale list.
  • $283 CPE Achieved—added unique phone numbers to inquiry forms.
  • 109% Increase in Organic Traffic —after full SEO audit and six months of link building.
  • 103% Increase in Conversion Rate—switched from .net to .edu landing page for a PPC campaign to increase page legitimacy and utilized shorter root URL to free up additional ad characters.
  • 85% of Targeted Keywords on Page 1—through SEO campaigns designed to reach prospects in specific geo-locations.
  • 67% Increase in Application Rate—on-boarded 11 new vendors to achieve application rate increase and $1000 decrease in CPA within four months of campaign launch.
  • 51% Decrease in CPA—fine-tuned PPI strategy against budget, volume and conversion targets for brand with multiple mid-sized market locations.
  • 39% Increase in Inquiry Volume—adding mobile to a PPC campaign resulted in a 54% lift in click traffic.
  • $28.77 CPI Achieved—email remarketing campaign turned stale inquiries into new opportunities.
  • 25% Increase in Start Rate—strategic cuts to zip codes for PPI and PPC campaigns decreased inefficient spend.
  • 15% Increase in Transfer Rate—implemented strict media plan optimizations for a regional brand.
  • 13% Conversion Rate—email campaign supporting call center Q&T efforts focused on prospects who had originally provided incorrect phone numbers and resulted in 42% of qualified inquiries dialing the call center directly.
  • $0.12 CPV Achieved—a YouTube campaign test resulted in 3,000 views in three weeks and a view rate of 6%.
  • 6% Start Rate—built out PPC optimized landing page with phone number and no navigation while simultaneously launching mobile campaign with CTC technology and PPC optimized short form on mobile landing page. Resulted in 26% of PPC inquiries as inbound calls and a CPS 3x higher than other online marketing channels and 40% below goal. Achieved 4.6x increase in traffic, 4.5x boost in conversion rate and $200 decrease to CPI.