Multi-Touch Digital Attribution

We’ve connected pre-lead and post-lead data so you can see the full enrollment journey.

**In Beta** Sparkroom performance marketing technology now connects pre-lead and post-lead data to provide cross-channel, multi-touch digital attribution tracking. This new feature means you can:

  • Visualize the most common student journeys across digital channels
  • Understand which combination of marketing channels leads prospects to inquire, enroll and start
  • Assess the holistic performance of digital marketing campaigns
  • Find out which channels are the openers, influencers and closers
  • Realize the real value of branding and other top-of-the-funnel campaigns
  • Better optimize campaigns by maximizing ROI based on more than last-click data

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Visualize your holistic campaign performance.

How multi-touch attribution works:

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Infographic showing how Multi-touch attribution tracks all points in a marketing funnel, not just last-click attribution

Marketing attribution dashboard

Sparkroom marketing dashboard shows marketing graphs and distribution