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Sparkroom provides full-service, data-driven marketing and technology solutions designed to measure marketing effectiveness to enhance customer acquisition efforts.

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Sparkroom: Pushing Performance to the Limits

“Pushing performance to the limits.” Sounds like a tagline for a sports ad, but it certainly has its place in the lead gen space. Performance marketing, anyone? Sparkroom, a full-service, data-driven marketing and technology...Read More >

Gainful Employment Impacted Inquiry Generation Trends in 2015

Sparkroom’s 2015 Year-End Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review Reports Program and Degree-Level Shifts According to the recently released Sparkroom 2015 Year-End Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review, higher education institutions made significant adjustments in 2015...Read More >

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Jan-Jun 2016 Paid Search Benchmarking for Higher Education

During the first half of 2016, we witnessed the continuation of many trends that began before 2016. Mobile devices sustained healthy growth, generating the majority...

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Q2 2016 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review

According to the Sparkroom Q2 2016 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review, the share of voice for social media inquiries grew 211% YOY. With a 2.8%...

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Facebook Takes on Google and Wins

Facebook Lead Ads Play a Big Role Approximately two-thirds of all digital advertising revenue was spent with Facebook and Google during 2015. With search spend...

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Social Advertising Best Practices

Social advertising budgets are rising at almost twice the speed of display and more than twice the speed of search budgets. In fact, spending for...

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